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We’ve installed Milestones in 8 scenic spots on the peninsula.

The Fall Phase of the Miura Peninsula Cycling Stamp Rally Has Started!!!

The Fall Phase of the Miura Peninsula Cycling Stamp Rally, which uses milestones to mark locations, started on September 15th.
The Fall Phase of the Miura Peninsula Cycling Stamp Rally is a location-based event where cyclists visit eight sites on Miura Peninsula marked by milestones and collect stamps using a smartphone. Unique Miura Peninsula gifts, including the special prize of a road bike (MERIDA REACTO 400), tickets for overnight accommodations at Miura Peninsula hotels, and an assortment of local products will be given away according to the number of stamps collected. Everyone is invited to take part.

Milestones are bronze statues featuring designs that highlight the characteristics of various areas. There are eight milestones on the Miura Peninsula. A smartphone or other devices can be used to read the QR code displayed on the top of the pedestals and view tourist information about each area.

A cycle station has also been set up at each milestone. They have bicycle racks for road bikes, observation decks, gazebos, and other conveniences. The cycle stations can also be used as a place to rest.


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